Laser Engraving Machine, Cutting Plotter Manufacturer in China

We a laser engraving machine and cutting plotter manufacturer in China. Our main products include laser engraving machine, mini laser engraver, cutting plotter, CAD plotter, CNC router, and laser engraver accessories.

    1. Laser Engraving Machine
    2. SE Laser Engraving MachineThe laser engraving machine has several practical functions. When there is no water or there is a failure in the cooling system, the machine can automatically send an alarm and stop the laser from operating so as to protect the laser. The machine can also discharge smoke automatically. Once the laser engraving machine is working, the smoke discharging system is activated. When the working is done, the system is closed automatically. Due to the easily-operated electric automatic lift platform, it is very convenient to engrave materials with different thickness.
    1. Laser Engraving Machine
    2. SG Laser Engraving MachineThe laser engraving machine has a safe and stable protecting system which can automatically cut off the power when there is no water. It uses an iron cellular base plate, so the table is firmer and flatter. Because of the adoption of flywheel with its gear ratio three to one, the engraving is smoother. The funneled receiving-waste device ensures easy disposal of the waste.
      The machine can run in Window98/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 systems. Its latest software is compatible with many graphics processing software, such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, CoreLDRA, etc.
    1. Laser Flatbed Cutter
    2. Laser Flatbed CutterOur laser flatbed cutter has an open workbench, which is beneficial to large area cutting. It can also work with faster speed and yield smooth cutting and small joint. Imported linear guide way and totally enclosed light way are adopted, ensuring high precision and powerful security.
      The laser flatbed cutter is mainly used in large area cutting, which is applicable to materials such as cloth, leather, paper, woodwork, organic glass, rubber, plastic, synthetic materials, etc. It is widely adopted by professional users who need to do large area opening ...
    1. Mini Laser Engraver
    2. HX40B Mini Laser EngraverDue to the adoption of stable-power and long-life laser tube and imported lens, the lifetime and stability of the mini laser engraver has been greatly increased. The laser engraver also used high-performance 2.0 USB interface, yielding stronger disturbance resistance and more stable performance.
      This laser engraver supports NewlyDraw/Newlyseal engraving or seal software and runs on Windows98/2000/XP/Vista systems. The optional NewlyDraw/Newlyseal engraving software ...
    1. G Type Cutting Plotter
    2. G Type Cutting PlotterSwitching power supply is adopted, so the equipment's operation won't be influenced by voltage change. The cutting plotter uses the most advanced subdivision circuit, which ensures low noise at work. Because of the circuit's low power consumption, no fan is needed for heat radiation so as to ensure long and reliable operation. In addition, we own the patent of the cutting plotter's appearance design which is special and practical. For example, the beautiful buttons are made of durable acrylic.
      This G type cutting plotter yields perfect output with no saw tooth at high speed ...
    1. Pen Plotter
    2. Pen PlotterThe imported stepping motor adopted by this pen plotter has strong HF response ability and high speed. Two-way paper feeding is supported and the big torque motor can feed roll paper as heavy as 40 kg. The imported steel stick paper-feeding spindle and high-precision paper-pressing wheel ensure long-distance paper feeding without aberrancy.
      This pen plotter has a human engineering operation panel and is a human-friendly paper-cutting device. It is equipped with large-screen English LCD and the menu is simple to operate.
    1. Inkjet Plotter
    2. Inkjet PlotterThe inkjet plotter's plotting head uses popular HP technology, which is easy to maintain. Ink carriage can be cleared automatically or manually. The inkjet plotter supports DMPL and HPGL languages and a variety of CAD software. In addition, it only occupies a small space in the pattern room.
      Our inkjet plotter adopts advanced design theory and it is manufactured scientifically, practically and precisely, which is of high stability and operant. It can work long hours and has high speed, without any compromise on quality and reliability.
    1. Woodworking CNC Router
    2. Woodworking CNC RouterThe whole bed of the woodworking CNC router is welded, which has strong rigidity, big strength and stable rotation, ensuring no deformation or vibration in long-hour and high-speed operation. All the three axes use imported high-precision guide rails, which have high precision, fast speed and durability. Double-row four-column ball slide blocks show large loading capacity and stable operation. Rack rotation is adopted by the two axes, which have fast speed and high efficiency.
      The spindle uses large-power water-cooling spindle motor and is skillful in carving all kinds ...

We have more than 10 years of experience in mechanical research, development and testing. Suppliers and production accessories are chosen through rigorous evaluation and selection procedures, to ensure our final product quality. The production process is controlled and completed by professional engineering and technical personnel. All manufactured laser engraving machine and cutting plotter are tested according to national security, performance, and reliability standards, and only qualified products are approved for shipment. We have passed ISO9001, and its products have passed CE, FDA and other international certifications, so global customers can feel secure in using our products.

We have formed long-term relationships with qualified suppliers, which enable us to acquire excellent materials at reduced rates. All workshop employees are highly skilled and have much experience in assembling and commissioning machine parts. In addition, our departments are able to quickly communicate through the network, which reduces management costs while ensuring the quality of our laser engraver, cutting plotter, CAD plotter, etc. All of the above factors help reduce our purchasing and production costs, and this savings we pass on to our customers in the form of lower prices.

The headquarters and four production workshops of our laser engraving machine, CAD plotter, and CNC router occupies more than 10,000 square meters. With more than ten years of experience in the export business, we have an office in the U.S. and agents in multiple countries. Our cutting plotter and laser engraving equipment products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, such as the United States, Australia,Mexico, Russia, Vietnam,Iran, South America, the United Kingdom, Germany,France, Poland, Spain, etc.