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The HX3040 mini laser engraver adopts CO2 laser tube and high-performance numerically controlled laser power, which has stable performance, easy operation and reasonable price. It uses laser to process many non-metal materials, such as bamboo chip, crystal, organic glass, marble, cloth, leather, rubber, plastic, etc.

This mini laser engraver supports NewlyDraw/Newlyseal engraving or seal software and runs on Windows98/2000/XP/Vista systems. The latest software adopted is compatible with a variety of image processing software, CAM and CAD, such as AutoCAD, CoreDRAW, etc. Equipped with precise ball screw lift platform and smoke-removal system, the mini laser engraver works with little noise and is the best choice for the small and medium-sized enterprises and family workshops.

The laser engraver is mainly used in seals production. For example, it can make organic glass seals, plastic seals, and rubber seals and so on. It is also applicable to process arts and crafts in small areas. Various patterns and words can be engraved on double color plate, wood board, bamboo chip, organic glass, cloth, leather, electronic components, etc. The laser engraver also applies to advertisement and packaging industries.


Type HX3040
Engraving Area 300 X 420mm
Laser Power 40W~50W
Driving Method Step Motor
Communication Terminal Special Interface or Stand Parallel Interface
Resolution Ratio 0.0254mm
Power Supply 220V(or110V)±10% 50HZ
Operating Temperature 0-45ºC
Operating Humidity 35-70ºC
Graphic Format Supported PLT, DXF, BMP, JPG, GIF, PGN, TIF
Engraver For Curve Surface (Yes/No) No
Water Cooling (Yes/No) Yes
Laser Tube (life hours) 800-1000 Hours
Recommended Spare Parts / Consumables Laser Tube and Lens
Equipment Dimensions 1100X700X325mm

As a specialized mini laser engraver manufacturer in China, our company also produces flatbed cutting plotter, RF laser tube, 3M cutter, inkjet plotter, and more.

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