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H Type Cutting Plotter

The H type cutting plotter supports paper feed in both forward and reverse directions and yields perfect output without any tooth saw at high speed. Its maximum cutting speed is up to 800 mm/s, which greatly increases the working efficiency. The cutting speed and pressure are recorded with memorial storage and controlled by computer. Emergency stop is supported and the original point can be set freely. Besides, the adopted double photoelectric reset doesn't have any collision.

This cutting plotter uses switching power supply, so its operation won't be affected by voltage change. The most advanced subdivision circuit is adopted, which gives low noise at work. Due to the low power consumption circuit, no fan is needed for heat radiation so as to ensure long and reliable operation.


Type HX-720H HX-800H HX-960H HX-1120H HX-1360H
Maximum paper feed width 720mm (28.4") 800mm (31.5") 960mm (37.8") 1120mm (44.1") 1360mm (53.6")
Real cutting range 630mm (24.8") * limitless length 720mm (27.6") * limitless length 860mm (33.9") * limitless length 1010mm (39.8") * limitless length 1250mm (49.2") * limitless length
Cutting speed 25mm/s-800mm/s(0.98"/s-27.6"/s)
Cutter pressure 25-600g Grade 16
English LCD With
Mechanical resolution 0.0254 mm/step(0.001"/step)
Blade type Swivel standard blade (Compatible with Roland blade)
Interfaces USB 2.0 and RS232 serial interface
Commands/ Language HP-GL / DMPL compatible
Bracket With

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