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    1. N Type Cutting PlotterThe N type cutting plotter yields perfect output without any saw tooth at high speed. The maximum cutting speed is 500 mm/s. Paper can be fed in both forward and reverse directions. The plotter also has an emergency stop function and the original point can be set freely. Due to the adoption of switching power supply, its operation won't be influenced by voltage change.
    1. H Type Cutting PlotterThis cutting plotter uses switching power supply, so its operation won't be affected by voltage change. The most advanced subdivision circuit is adopted, which gives low noise at work. Due to the low power consumption circuit, no fan is needed for heat radiation so as to ensure long and reliable operation.
      The H type cutting plotter supports paper feed in both forward and reverse directions ...
    1. G Type Cutting PlotterThe cutting plotter uses the most advanced subdivision circuit, which ensures low noise at work. Because of the circuit's low power consumption, no fan is needed for heat radiation so as to ensure long and reliable operation. In addition, we own the patent of the cutting plotter's appearance design which is special and practical. For example, the beautiful buttons are made of durable acrylic.
    1. S Type Cutting PlotterThe S type cutting plotter adopts servo motor. Compared with stepping motor cutting plotter, servo motor cutting plotter has faster linear speed, lower noise and higher precision. Our product uses the linear bearing car, which achieves high-precision and stable motion. It gives perfect output without any saw tooth at high speed and the maximum cutting speed is up to 1200 mm/s.

Cutting Plotter

The cutting plotter is a device which is connected with computer, taking instructions from computer and controlled by computer. It is widely used in advertisement and decoration industry.

Our series cutting plotter can make beautiful shapes, patterns and texts on papers and other various kinds of materials, such as stickers, reflection films, pasters, etc. There is no need to cut or print artificially. The plotter is compatible with various design software and it also supports direct output from Artcut, Cutting Master, CAD, CorelDRAW, etc. It is equipped with all kinds of people, animals, plants and trees and other patterns, as well as international and domestic generic icon and a variety of Chinese and English font libraries. Other foreign software is also optional according to users' requirements.

The cutting plotter can help you complete your design easily and freely. By using the accompanied easy-to-use software, it is fast and convenient to make beautiful, fashionable and characteristic advertising posters, window posters, banners, accessories, pendants, key rings, lighters, decorations, souvenirs, promotional items, gifts, medals, and pet identity cards, etc. The cutting plotter is an essential tool to copy typing shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, pet shops, cultural office supplies stores, offices and other owners.

The series cutting plotter is very easy to operate. It is firstly connected to the computer serial port or USB interface. After appropriate carving software is installed, it is ready to layout the needed graphics, logos, picture and texts and output productions.

Our company provides several types of cutting plotter, including N type cutting plotter, H type cutting plotter, G type cutting plotter and S type cutting plotter.

We is a China-based cutting plotter manufacturer. We provide various types of products such as woodworking CNC router, laser engraver accessories, laser engraving machine, inkjet plotter, and much more.

Other Products
    1. Pen PlotterThe imported stepping motor adopted by this pen plotter has strong HF response ability and high speed. Two-way paper feeding is supported and the big torque motor can feed roll paper as heavy as 40 kg. The imported steel stick paper-feeding spindle and high-precision paper-pressing wheel ensure long-distance paper feeding without aberrancy.
    1. Inkjet PlotterThe inkjet plotter's plotting head uses popular HP technology, which is easy to maintain. Ink carriage can be cleared automatically or manually. The inkjet plotter supports DMPL and HPGL languages and a variety of CAD software. In addition, it only occupies a small space in the pattern room.
      Our inkjet plotter adopts advanced design theory and it is manufactured scientifically ...