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Inkjet Plotter

Our inkjet plotter adopts advanced design theory and it is manufactured scientifically, practically and precisely, which is of high stability and operant. It can work long hours and has high speed, without any compromise on quality and reliability.

The inkjet plotter's plotting head uses popular HP technology, which is easy to maintain. Ink carriage can be cleared automatically or manually. The inkjet plotter supports DMPL and HPGL languages and a variety of CAD software. In addition, it only occupies a small space in the pattern room.

Parameters of Inkjet Plotter

Type HJ-1600 HJ-1800 HJ-2000 HJ-2200
Max. paper loading width 1750mm (69 in.) 1950mm (77 in.) 2150mm (85in.) 2350mm (93 in.)
Max. plotting width 1600mm (63 in.) 1800mm (71in.) 2000mm (79 in.) 2200mm (87 in.)
Plotting head HP45
Number of printing heads 2
Plotting 108 M2/hour
Line quality English LCD
CPU Double CPU Control
Language format HPGL, HPGL-2, DMPL
Equipment terminal USB2.0
Power voltage 220V/ 110V
Power frequency 60Hz / 50Hz
Environmental temperature 1ºC-45ºC
Paper roller Stainless steel spinous roller
Drive Servo + Stepper
Paper requirement 40-80g
Resolution 300dpi

As an experienced inkjet plotter manufacturer and supplier in China, We also provides flatbed cutting plotter, laser engraving machine, laser flatbed cutter, mini laser engraver, among others.

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    1. Flatbed Cutting PlotterImported synchronous belt is used as the conveyor belt, which can feed paper automatically. It has a high working speed and can perfectly satisfy the precision requirement of all fields. The flatbed cutting plotter supports cutting and computer operating at the same time. It also has a human-friendly control panel, which is easy and convenient to operate. Besides, it can be connected with various kinds of CAD software.