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Apparel Cutting Plotter

The apparel cutting plotter is firstly developed by our company and is specially designed for the apparel CAD. We have preserved the intellectual property and the patent technology in developing it. The apparel cutting plotter works both as a cutter and as a plotter. The pen carriage can grasp a graphic pen and a cutting knife at the same time, which makes it easy to switch between plotting and cutting without manual intervention.

The apparel cutting plotter has a professional structure and uses an imported balanced linear bearing. The main control equipment adopts technical grade high-speed 32-bit embedded CPU, which shows high operating speed, high integration level and high reliability. With the integration of 3,000 kinds of characterized graphics and the advanced motional mathematics model, the cutting plotter can draw complicated curves and biases quickly and smoothly.

The maximum plotting width is 1,600 mm, which applies to cut pattern paper for clothing factories. The acceptable paper media is between 60 and 300 g/m2. The maximum outputting speed of this machine is 80,000 turns/second and the maximum cutting or plotting speed reaches 1,200 mm/s. The transferring speed is between 9,600 and 11,520 bps.

This apparel cutting plotter has a parallel processing capacity. During the plotting process, it can also display coordinate, pause the line drawing halfway, display processing speed and time, and update online programs. The special anti-static mode adopted by this cutting plotter can endure static disturbance. In addition, the cutting plotter has a human-friendly menu, which enables the operator to freely choose transferring speed, flow control, language performance, pen up-down time, test graphics and anti-static mode in the dry areas.


Type HC- 1400 HC- 1700
Max. Plotting Width 1250mm (49.2 in.) 1600mm (64.5 in.)
Acceptable Pens Ball Point Pens
Acceptable Blade Special Cutting Blade
Max. Roll-Media 40 kg
Acceptable Media(g/m²) 60g~300g
LCD English LCD
Pen Pressure 0-500g
Plotting Speed 1200mm/s (31.5 in./s)
Machine Resolution 0.0254mm (0.001in.)
CPU Double CPU
Data Buffer 1-4MB
Hardware Interface RS-232 (Serial cable)
Power Supply AC200V/110V (15%)
Working Humidity 35%-75% (No Condensing water)
Working Temperature 10-35ºC
Stand and Take-up System Yes
Shipping Weight 70kg 80kg

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