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    1. Pen PlotterThe imported stepping motor adopted by this pen plotter has strong HF response ability and high speed. Two-way paper feeding is supported and the big torque motor can feed roll paper as heavy as 40 kg. The imported steel stick paper-feeding spindle and high-precision paper-pressing wheel ensure long-distance paper feeding without aberrancy.
    1. Inkjet PlotterThe inkjet plotter's plotting head uses popular HP technology, which is easy to maintain. Ink carriage can be cleared automatically or manually. The inkjet plotter supports DMPL and HPGL languages and a variety of CAD software. In addition, it only occupies a small space in the pattern room.
      Our inkjet plotter adopts advanced design theory and it is manufactured scientifically ...
    1. Apparel Cutting PlotterThe main control equipment adopts technical grade high-speed 32-bit embedded CPU, which shows high operating speed, high integration level and high reliability. With the integration of 3,000 kinds of characterized graphics and the advanced motional mathematics model, the cutting plotter can draw complicated curves and biases quickly and smoothly.
    1. Flatbed Cutting PlotterImported synchronous belt is used as the conveyor belt, which can feed paper automatically. It has a high working speed and can perfectly satisfy the precision requirement of all fields. The flatbed cutting plotter supports cutting and computer operating at the same time. It also has a human-friendly control panel, which is easy and convenient to operate. Besides, it can be connected with various kinds of CAD software.

CAD Plotter

Apparel plotter is a branch of engineering surveying and advertising plotter. With the rapid development of apparel CAD in the 20th century in China, clothing companies changed gradually from choosing foreign integrated suppliers, such as Gerber, Spain Sistemas, Lectra, etc. who provide a whole set of CAD/CAM equipment into singer output suppliers, such as HP, Mutoh, Algotex, Honghua, Copam, etc. This allows apparel enterprises to flexibly configure CAD systems according to their own situation.

CAD plotter is widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, and luggage industries. It is divided into pen plotter and inkjet plotter according to consumables. Our company provides these two kinds of CAD plotters.

We is a professional CAD plotter manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including G type cutting plotter, RF laser tube, mini CNC router, laser engraving machine, and more.

Other Products
    1. Mini CNC RouterThe mini CNC router is a small format machine with high precision and fast speed, which applies to engrave double color plates, electronic accessories and small panels. When used in electronic field, it's also called circuit board engraving machine or PCB engraving machine. In addition to the electronic field, this machine is also widely used in advertising field to engrave double color plates, name tags, signs, etc.
    1. Advertising CNC RouterThe advertising CNC router adopts gantry mode movement and integral cast steel structure, which is durable and can work long hours without deformation, making the positioning accuracy more precise. Signs produced are elaborate with no saw tooth and the bottom surface is flat, smooth and clear-profiled.
      Domestic first-class brand spindle is adopted, which has fast speed and high efficiency.