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Mini CNC Router

The mini CNC router is a small format machine with high precision and fast speed, which applies to engrave double color plates, electronic accessories and small panels. When used in electronic field, it's also called circuit board engraving machine or PCB engraving machine. In addition to the electronic field, this machine is also widely used in advertising field to engrave double color plates, name tags, signs, etc.

Parameters of Mini CNC Router

Worktable Size300mm*300mm300mm*300mm 400mm*400mm
Working Dimensions 300mm*300mm *45mm 300mm*400mm *45mm 400mm*400mm *45mm
Engraving Speed2-70mm/s
Main Shaft Speed0-24000rpm
Main Shaft Power1.5KW
Blade DiameterΦ13mm/Φ3.175mm/Φ6mm
Order FormatHPGL, Gcode , mmg ,U00 ,plt.
Software SupportArtCAM, Ucancam V9
InterfaceRS-232 Serial Port
Power Supply100W (Main Shaft Motor Excluded)
VoltageAC 220V±10% 50-60HZ
Control SystemDSP with USB connection

We is a specialized mini CNC router manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as inkjet plotter, G type cutting plotter, woodworking CNC router, mini laser engraver, and more.

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      Domestic first-class brand spindle is adopted, which has fast speed and high efficiency.
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