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    1. Mini CNC RouterThe mini CNC router is a small format machine with high precision and fast speed, which applies to engrave double color plates, electronic accessories and small panels. When used in electronic field, it's also called circuit board engraving machine or PCB engraving machine. In addition to the electronic field, this machine is also widely used in advertising field to engrave double color plates, name tags, signs, etc.
    1. Advertising CNC RouterThe advertising CNC router adopts gantry mode movement and integral cast steel structure, which is durable and can work long hours without deformation, making the positioning accuracy more precise. Signs produced are elaborate with no saw tooth and the bottom surface is flat, smooth and clear-profiled.
      Domestic first-class brand spindle is adopted, which has fast speed and high efficiency.
    1. Woodworking CNC RouterThe whole bed of the woodworking CNC router is welded, which has strong rigidity, big strength and stable rotation, ensuring no deformation or vibration in long-hour and high-speed operation. All the three axes use imported high-precision guide rails, which have high precision, fast speed and durability. Double-row four-column ball slide blocks show large loading capacity and stable operation.

CNC Router

The CNC router, also called CNC engraving machine, is mainly used to engrave and cut non-metal materials, such as woodwork, leather, paper, cloth, organic glass, epoxy, acrylic, woolens, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, bowlder, bamboo products, etc. In addition to the above materials which can be processed by laser engraving machine, the CNC router can also engrave aluminum, copper and some other metal products.

Our company provides several types of CNC router, including RC3030, RC3040, RC4040 mini CNC router, RC6090, RC1212, RC1218, RC1224 advertising CNC router, and RC1324, RC1325, RC1530 woodworking CNC router.

We is a professional CNC router manufacturer based in China. We provide a wide range of products, including laser flatbed cutter, advertising CNC router, laser engraving machine, 3M cutter, among others.

Other Products
    1. 3M CutterThis 3M cutter is specially designed to cut the hard reflective films. It has fast cutting speed and high pressure, which can easily cut almost all of the reflective films in the market. In addition to an aeronautic aluminum alloys comprehensive structure, the cutter adopts subdivision technology, digital smoothing processing technology and professional hardware circuit design, ensuring high performance.
    1. Laser Rotary AttachmentXZ-M-II Rotary Attachment
      "Friction-style Rotary Attachment" is applied to engrave large workpiece, artwork, crone, and bevel with easy operation and high engraving precision. Lateral, longitudinal directions and height can be adjusted freely. You can adjust it for use according to the size and shape of the processed material.
    1. SE Laser Engraving MachineThe laser engraving machine has several practical functions. When there is no water or there is a failure in the cooling system, the machine can automatically send an alarm and stop the laser from operating so as to protect the laser. The machine can also discharge smoke automatically. Once the laser engraving machine is working, the smoke discharging system is activated.