RF Laser Tube

RF Laser Tube

The RF laser tube belongs to industrial products, which has stable performance and long life. Power stability, work time and specific electric parameters all have advantages over common glass tube. CO2 glass tube can mark, engrave and cut 80% non-metal materials, while the RF laser tube can process all non-metal materials.


Type HX-6090 HX-1290
The RF Laser tube 30W 30W

Our company is a China-based RF laser tube manufacturer. We provide a vast range of products, including laser engraving machine, laser flatbed cutter, inkjet plotter, mini laser engraver, and more.

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Other Products
    1. 3M CutterThis 3M cutter is specially designed to cut the hard reflective films. It has fast cutting speed and high pressure, which can easily cut almost all of the reflective films in the market. In addition to an aeronautic aluminum alloys comprehensive structure, the cutter adopts subdivision technology, digital smoothing processing technology and professional hardware circuit design, ensuring high performance.
    1. Laser Rotary AttachmentXZ-M-II Rotary Attachment
      "Friction-style Rotary Attachment" is applied to engrave large workpiece, artwork, crone, and bevel with easy operation and high engraving precision. Lateral, longitudinal directions and height can be adjusted freely. You can adjust it for use according to the size and shape of the processed material.