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Main Products
    1. SE Laser Engraving MachineThe laser engraving machine has several practical functions. When there is no water or there is a failure in the cooling system, the machine can automatically send an alarm and stop the laser from operating so as to protect the laser. The machine can also discharge smoke automatically. Once the laser engraving machine is working, the smoke discharging system is activated. When the working is done, the system is closed automatically. Due to the easily-operated electric automatic lift platform, it is very convenient to engrave materials with different thickness.
    1. Laser Flatbed CutterOur laser flatbed cutter has an open workbench, which is beneficial to large area cutting. It can also work with faster speed and yield smooth cutting and small joint. Imported linear guide way and totally enclosed light way are adopted, ensuring high precision and powerful security.
      The laser flatbed cutter is mainly used in large area cutting, which is applicable to materials such as cloth, leather, paper, woodwork, organic glass, rubber, plastic, synthetic materials, etc. It is widely adopted by professional users who need to do large area opening ...