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Our company provides laser engraving machine, mini laser engraver, cutting plotter, CAD plotter, CNC router, 3M cutter and laser engraver accessories.

The laser engraving machine is widely used in crafts processing, advertising, logo making, carton packing and other industries. The cutting plotter is applicable to industries like logo production, advertisement and decoration. The CAD plotter is mainly used in the clothing field, working as a clothing sample device. The CNC router widely applies to arts and crafts, advertising, woodwork processing, and so on.

Our laser engraving machine adopts jointly-developed digital control software, a glass intracavity and sealed-off CO2 laser, continuous cycle cold water system, imported linear guide rail configuration, and a fast stepper motor. The integrated steel frame structure ensures the working machine's high precision and stability.

The cutting plotter has a built-in switching power supply, so the instrument works more smoothly and reliably. It also utilizes a unique circuit protection design, which makes the instrument's work irrelevant to any voltage fluctuation. The advanced design and precisely manufactured mechanical structure guarantee no deformation when cutting tiny fonts. The precisely processed steel roller axis, pinch roller and mechanical drive system allow long-distance paper feeding without aberration. Rapid data transmission is realized by a large cache, which increases working efficiency. In addition, the cutting plotter has such functions as real-time speed and pressure regulation, arbitrary definition of the origin, emergency stop and adjustment during operation, all of which are designed to be more user-friendly.

The CAD plotter's main controller adopts an industrial 32-bit high-speed embedded CPU, which has fast computation speed, high integration degree, and reliability. With the integration of a 3,000 types of characteristics graphics library and an advanced motional mathematics model, the plotter can draw complicated curves and biases quickly and smoothly. The maximum output speed is 30,000 rps and the plotting speed is as high as 1,200 mm/s. The highest data output speed is 115,200 bps.

The pen machine of the CAD plotter adopts an imported linear bearing which is strongly anti-wearing, ensuring high precision. The stable and durable mechanical structure allows no deviation for a long time. The CAD plotter has a highly precise electronic feet correction function. During the plotting process, the plotter can also display coordinate, pause, and update software online.

The unique anti-static mode enables the plotter to tolerate static interference times of the common plotting device. Our CAD plotter has a humanized menu setting, which enables operators to freely choose transmission speed, flow control, processing speed and time, write up time, test graphs, anti-static mode in dry areas, etc. In addition, it can be operated in both Chinese and English.

The CNC router has a steel structure, which is extremely rigid and durable. The adoption of a high-precision imported ball screw and guide rail guarantee the instrument's precision, as well as uniform stress in all directions when engraving. Due to the use of a high power water-cooled spindle motor, the instrument has low noise, long life, and stable operation. The CNC router can memorize the break points, which ensures continued processing in emergency or another day. In addition, it has a user-friendly operating interface, is easily controlled by a USB handle, and has good software compatibility.

Our company has passed the ISO9000 quality system authentication, and we also have received CE and FDA certificates. Our perfect raw materials purchasing and product quality control processes ensure the quality of the raw materials we use, and also our products' quality. The advanced processing instruments, training system, skillful operation processes, and professional packaging and storage operations that we use guarantee the high quality of our products.